Finsbury Park Florist Valentines

Hey Buddies,

Hope 2017 is treating you all well so far!

Valentines Day is upon us and 2 years in a row Bud flowers   have completely sold out…regardless of increasing our stock year on year! There seems to be no accounting for the last minute masses!

So,  to all you Love birds who dont want to be left out in the cold this Valentines Day, call us now on 0207 263 2227 to place an order.

Don’t be responsible for making your loved one feel less than special by ordering flowers from anywhere other than your local florist who is guaranteed to be as passionate about beautiful flowers as you hopefully are about your other half! Purchasing mass produced, bottom of the range flowers or just as bad, ordering from one of the companies who spend unspeakable amounts on advertising their cheap and not at all effective Valentines Day deals …only to deliver dead flowers or not deliver them at all in some cases! Shocking

Flowers are just another way to make a fast buck for these types of businesses. It’s just a once a year quick hit, the flowers often dont last more than a day or 2 and that’s if you are lucky enough for them not to be dead by the time they get to you!!

So what we are saying is….Say it with flowers but say it beautifully!!

Call us on 0207 263 2227 to place and order or if its out of hours…email your order to and we will get back to you in business hours!

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